Prepping veggies for the week makes eating healthy easy

How to prepare and store vegetables for the week

When you prepare and store vegetables for the week, you are taking an important step towards amazing health! Chinese medicine teaches us to eat a wide range of vegetables that match our body constitution. We’ll teach you how to make it easy to do so!

Often we fail to eat enough vegetables because we’re too tired at the end of the day to prepare them. Planning ahead can make all the difference in the world! Here are some great tips and tricks on how to meal prep vegetables.

Tips on How to meal prep vegetables

Two of our favorite people at Elemental Wisdom, Addison and Dan, will teach you how to easily wash, cut, and store greens and veggies for the week in this video.

At first, it might take you 20-25 minutes to wash and prep everything With some practice, it should take you about 15 minutes ONCE each week to prepare the next seven days of vegetables.


The power of Vegetables

In addition to eating vegetables that are healthy for your body constitution, vegetables have amazing super powers! Some vegetables will help you fall asleep more easily, while other control vivid dreaming. You can read about these “powers” in our article What Color Foods to Eat to Help you Sleep.

Children need vegetables to help nourish their bodies, help develop bone marrow, and increase the flow of blood and qi in order to grow. Not feeding your children vegetables is like saying you are not going to let them breathe. It’s important to meal prep vegetables that you have already introduced into your children’s diets. Learn more about When & How to Introduce Solid Foods to Your Child.

Green vegetables provide nutrietns that help clear phlegm and also nourish your Liver. When you prepare and store vegetables for the week, you make it easy to eat enough greens!

A diet rich in a variety of greens also helps prevent and cure phlegm and a cough! So go ahead prep your veggies for better health to breathe easier! Learn which are Best Foods to Prevent a Cold and Cough.

Lastly, eating lots of greens in the spring improves your health. Spring is the season of the Liver, and green vegetables provide special nutrients for healthy liver functioning. When you prepare and store vegetables ahead of time, you make it easier to eat plenty of greens!


Remember, when you prep and store veggies for the week, you are making it easy to eat healthier. Vegetables are essential to keep your internal organs functioning properly, which leads to better emotional and physical well being!

Want to know which vegetables are right for your body? Take our online health assessment to find out!

Please don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions!

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Wood Element: The key to staying healthy this spring

According to the Chinese lunar calendar, spring starts in January or February and ends in April or May. These months have crazy, constantly changing weather which makes us vulnerable to catching a cold or flu.

Staying closer to the rhythms and cycles of nature, makes you healthier and more balanced. Because the element associated with Spring is Wood, we need to balance our wood element for emotional and physical health.

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Feeding Schedule for Your Child

Infants and toddlers should eat specific foods that support and strengthen their digestive systems. Their stomachs and spleens are weak and need extra care.

When to feed your children is just as important as what to feed them. You should think about your child’s digestive health looking at daily and yearly, or seasonal, cycles. Paying attention to mealtimes each day, and what children eat over the course of the year, will help you improve digestion for your little ones and the whole family!

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Is your child picking up food from your plate? Is she showing an interest in different foods at the table? Can your baby sit up securely? Is your baby starting to put food in his mouth?

If the answer to these questions is yes, this is the time to methodically introduce solid food. You will usually see these signs at 6 months of age.

At this stage, great care is needed to shape your child’s taste buds to appreciate the flavors and aromas of nourishing foods. It’s easy to gravitate to giving children sweets, but once you go down that road, it’s hard to refine your child’s palate.

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